Why the Right Loses & Why COVID is a Fake Crisis

Why does the right lose, how can we win, and what is the truth about the COVID crisis?

Adam answers a couple listener questions.

Mentioned in the show:

Tom Woods “What I Told State Legislators About Lockdowns

America’s New Normal – Silent, Obedient Consent

The Strangely Unscientific Masking Of America

2 Replies to “Why the Right Loses & Why COVID is a Fake Crisis”

  1. I’m scared of getting covid for the same reason I’d be scared to get the vaccine. Both are brand new and so by definition no one knows what the long-term effects are. I have no fear of dying. I do have a fear of endless physical suffering and permanent damage to my body and cognitive functioning that would dramatically reduce my quality of life – and no one knows if that’s what covid has in store down the road for people who get it.
    I’m a germaphobic introvert so I like staying away from people, and on the rare occasion I might have to be around strangers indoors I like the ability of masks to limit the amount of their disgusting droplets I have to inhale. I like spending time at home with my family (including pets) and taking walks outdoors. I don’t require any additional excitement or stimulation beyond that. I am very content with this simple, quiet, wholesome life.

  2. Nice job on this pudcast!

    I laughed when necessary, but mostly just bobbed along..
    fellow living lifeboats make the tragedy less bleak!

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