The Truth about America’s Role in Syria: An Interview with Kevork Almassian Ep. 7

What is America’s role in Syria’s 6-year-old civil war? Who are the moderate rebels that our government is funding? Who has been using poison gas bombs in Syria? Was Trump right to strike the Syrian government with tomahawk missiles earlier this month?

Many evangelical Christians in the United States get their information about our Middle-Eastern involvements solely from main-stream sources–the same main-stream media that we otherwise do not trust to report accurate and honest news within our own nation.

One example of this is Dr. Albert Mohler of The Briefing podcast. On his April 25, 2017 episode, Mohler recited news about Syria from corporate media sources which all support the US government’s agenda in the Middle East. No comment was given to the credibility of the sources, rather, Mohler showed limitless credulity toward the media narrative. This man is an intellectual heavyweight who runs a large, successful seminary, but typical of American evangelical thinking, he gives full, unquestioning credence to the progressivist, globalist media who regularly lies and twists the truth in every other area of reporting.

Can Christians do better than this? Is our government-media complex to be trusted whenever there is an urgent development in the world? This show ought to at least give us pause to consider another possibility.

Kevork Almassian joins Adam for an in-depth interview from the perspective of a Syrian born and raised in Aleppo.

Kevork is a Syrian political journalist based in Germany. He holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, and is currently learning German to continue his MA in Political Science. He writes op-ed articles for several websites and newspapers, and he recently launched a YouTube channel called Syriana Analysis to give a close-up perspective of what’s happening in Syria. You can find him on Twitter here.

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2 Replies to “The Truth about America’s Role in Syria: An Interview with Kevork Almassian Ep. 7”

  1. Interesting interview but my question is about the territory that the UN gave to Israel when they became a state and what then is the territory that your guest says that they should give back to Syria. I may need to listen again to fully understand this territorial problem.

    1. He was referring to the Golan Heights. Like most loyal Syrians, Kevork believes GH to be Syrian homeland, unjustly confiscated by Israel. Apparently there is natural gas there, so you can see its strategic importance. Thanks for the question, Suzanne.

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