Things are Looking Grim, and Bright: Chatting with Scott Tungay

Scott Tungay

We all know things look really bad right now. The dusk is getting duskier, and our hopes for a quickly improved society are fading with the light. How long will things be getting worse? When will things get better?

These are questions everyone has on their mind, and Scott Tungay has a view to what we might do to begin the restoration of Western life and values. A wide-ranging discussion of South Africa, America, the masculinity movement, and more – this turned out to be one of Adam’s favorite episodes he has yet created for this show in its three years of production.

Visit Scott’s Twitter here, his YouTube channel here, and his website here.

Blessings to those who love the Lord Jesus Christ,


Dissident from Denmark: Interview with Iben Thranholm Ep. 13

Not every dissident lives in a total police state. The dissent of Danish journalist Iben Thranholm is a socio-spiritual critique of secularity in the European Union. Her work centers on calling for a revival of Western civilization through a return to the traditional Christian worldview.

Although she writes and speaks as nothing more threatening that a traditional Roman Catholic intellectual, she has found out that the EU’s East Stratcom group has listed her as an enemy of the EuroState. Listen in to our rich conversation surrounding the spiritual battle taking place for the soul of Western culture and spirituality.

Iben can be found on Facebook if you read Danish, Twitter here, and various outlets around the web where she publishes, or in many places appears on video interview.