The Red Pill & Christianity: An Interview with Mark Baxter Ep. 16

The Red Pill is ground zero for men who are gathering together on the same journey… a journey of recovering Western manhood and anti-feminist thinking. Mark Baxter is one of the more successful voices in this community, and so I brought him on the show to compare notes.

Do Christianity and TRP have anything in common? Where do we overlap? What can we learn from each other?

In this episode we find our affinities, and also some of the differences in worldview that still need ironing out. In any case, evangelical Christianity is missing this boat, so I offer to you all a look within a community paralleling much of the Christian worldview.

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A Short Easter Meditation

Jesus Christ beat death. He was swallowed by it, but He forced it to open its mouth and vomit Him out – and He broke its teeth on the way out for all who trust in Him and repent of their sins.

Adam reflects on a place he often thinks about when the chaos and complexity of this life threatens to upend his faith.