What Happens in Baptism? Ep. 44


Is baptism our step of obedience to show our identification with Christ? Yes. Is baptism a means of saving grace? Yes.

Lucia from Germany asked Adam several questions in response to this post here. If the Church catholic is to be healthy and unified in truth, we’ll have to figure out this question together, and rejoice in the answer! Adam has been working out the baptism question for the better part of a decade, and talks through some of the issues in this episode.

Here is the document Adam used during the episode: Baptism_Chris_Rosebrough

Here is the Letter of Barnabas, chapter XI (74AD)

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Grace & Works: A Chat w/ Shane Anderson Ep. 41

Reformed Theology

Adam interviews Presbyterian ruling elder Shane Anderson on the subject of grace and works in the Christian life. A proper Reformed family kerfluffle has roiled the ranks over the past four months concerning the role our works play in our relationship with God.

On this episode, Shane and Adam attempt to iron out a few of the biblical details, and to set straight some of the misunderstandings that are keeping brothers and sisters on separate sides of this battle.

Adam truly does not believe we are all saying different things. We are justified once for all by grace alone, through faith alone, which is a gift of the sovereign, electing love and favor of God alone. There is no more condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Our standing with our Father in heaven is fully secure in Christ, by Christ, and because of Christ alone.

And because of this gratuitous justification, we are also sanctified by grace alone through faith alone, and yet, in the mystery of God’s will at work in ours, we live lives of pursuing holiness when we have the Holy Spirit. There is no other kind of Christian life than to be doing good works in faith. These works do not justify us before God, but by these works we will be judged and rewarded. In this sense, good works are necessary for our completed, final salvation.

That… is Reformed orthodoxy, and therefore, biblical orthodoxy, my dear friends.

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What’s the Best Form of Gov’t? Start Here Ep. 20

A listener asked Adam what’s the best form of government/society. The question has to be answered by first discussing the underpinnings of goodness–how we have anything good in this world in the first place.

Adam discusses two forms of grace, which together explain any form of order and survivability in a sinful world. The question actually opens up a world of discussion and variegated answers that must be handled slowly and with charity.

So this episode is just a touch on the tip of the iceberg–a starter for the conversation.

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My Life Story Ep. 9

Sometimes I tell my life story. One of my listeners (Allen Jerkins) asked, “Adam . . . I would be interested to hear how Christ arrested you.” So here you will get a bit of it–a history of my spiritual development. Though I don’t love the idea of making this show about the host, it really is a show about my views–I am the citizen of New Jerusalem after all!

So perhaps this will be interesting to you. I skip a lot of details, but I land on the most important thing I could possibly say about my life.

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