Fundamentalism: Not So Great Ep. 40


In this episode, Pastor Matt Fletcher joins Adam to talk through an overview of independent, Bible Baptist fundamentalism. What might seem to offer concrete answers and certainty turns out to be a weak, gospel-poor, recent movement.

We think you will agree after hearing this show–fundamentalism is not accomplishing the goals with which it began 120 years ago, but has in many cases become a sect on the verge of cult status. Is the movement redeemable?

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A Pastoral Love for All Peoples Ep. 33

Richard Baxter English pastor

Featuring the soft gospel heart of Pastor Richard P. BaxterMoordown Baptist Church in Bournemouth, England, this episode is a bit of a change of pace from recent shows.

Pastor Baxter provides a view from across the Atlantic, from a church and a region where peoples from all nations are welcomed and becoming a part of the national fabric. This is the sound of a man who is confident in the gospel, and in the Lord who weaves together people from every tribe to be His own new humanity in the church.

Adam wanted a British voice added to the mix on race and ethnicity, and Richard was no disappointment. This episode will hopefully bring you encouragement and a reminder of the goodness of hospitality in the church.

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Unusual Frankness about Race: Interview with Darrell Harrison Ep. 27

We continue our series on race, ethnicity, and Christianity in America/the West. Today’s episode is an interview with an outstanding man of faith and learning. Darrell Harrison has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt in this life. He grew up poor in the projects of Atlanta, knows what it’s like to navigate life as a minority, but his perspective on so-called “race relations” isn’t what you might expect.

Listen in for a challenging dialogue with a brother who sets his eyes on Christ, and who refuses to claim a victim status in this world.

Darrell points us all to Christ, and the liberating truth of the gospel. Check out his blog here, and spread this episode far and wide.

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What’s the Best Form of Gov’t? Start Here Ep. 20

A listener asked Adam what’s the best form of government/society. The question has to be answered by first discussing the underpinnings of goodness–how we have anything good in this world in the first place.

Adam discusses two forms of grace, which together explain any form of order and survivability in a sinful world. The question actually opens up a world of discussion and variegated answers that must be handled slowly and with charity.

So this episode is just a touch on the tip of the iceberg–a starter for the conversation.

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My Life Story Ep. 9

Sometimes I tell my life story. One of my listeners (Allen Jerkins) asked, “Adam . . . I would be interested to hear how Christ arrested you.” So here you will get a bit of it–a history of my spiritual development. Though I don’t love the idea of making this show about the host, it really is a show about my views–I am the citizen of New Jerusalem after all!

So perhaps this will be interesting to you. I skip a lot of details, but I land on the most important thing I could possibly say about my life.

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