Trump in the Voter’s Crucible: Analysis with Michael Sebastian

Trump re-election

What does Trump represent? How can it be that a casino playboy from New York City is the singular champion for the working class in the United States? What ought we to hope for in the re-election of Donald Trump to the presidency? Should Christians look for some sort of hope in all of this?

In this episode (which you should hear even well after the election is over), Michael Sebastian and Adam break down a few of the implications of Trump’s rise and popularity.

Against Dispensationalism

against dispensationalism

Last episode Adam attacked the weak foundation of Roman Catholicism, but today we go against dispensationalism. Why? Because not only is it a false doctrine, which detracts from God’s glory when preached as truth, but it undermines our mission and confidence in this world.

In fact, I hate dispensationalism. I love my brethren who hold to it, and I once did, but the false doctrine itself is a cancer. So let’s get to it.

If you disagree with me, you are welcome to come on the show to discuss, just contact me here or on twitter.

– Adam

The Rapture, Sola Scriptura & More Listener Q&A Ep. 11

Our first listener question and answer episode! Adam goes into a little bit more depth about the purpose of this podcast, then answers questions on the end times, sola scriptura, and what he’s been reading lately.

Thanks to Erik Fuhler,  Allen Jerkins, and Dave Mitchell for the questions. And yes, I said 2 Thessalonians when I meant 1 Thess ?

Submit your own questions at the contact page, and give Adam any feedback too. Your encouragements and critiques are needed to make this work better! Thanks all.

End Times & Judgment Day: A Conversation with Ben Askins Ep. 10

What happens on Judgment Day? Do our works play a role in how we are rewarded, and in our experience with eternal life? What do the end times look like, and will we see Christ return?

Ben Askins joins Adam for a brief but fruitful discussion on these weighty ideas. The two of them were trained up together under a tremendously gifted pastor some years back, and Adam wanted to check in with Ben to make sure he was continuing on the straight and narrow 😉

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