Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again w/ Jonathan Fisk Ep. 48


Pastor Jonathan Fisk’s new book Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again has hit the market, and you need a copy. Fisk has seen the glazed-over eyes of one too many Christians as the truths we hold dear are repeated week in and week out.

This book will act as an electrical shock to your fading Christian heartbeat, or if you are on fire for the Lord, this will be a shot of high-octane gas on your flames. Whatever your place in the Church, you can use a reminder, a wake-up call, no… a call to worship like Echo.

Join Adam and Jonathan for a little theology pick-me-up.

From Concordia Publishing House’s website:

Christianity is not the ability to memorize or recite from books of Scripture or doctrine. It is not magic. It is not social club, counseling group, or self-help support group. It does not promise that you will be healthy, wealthy, wise, or even happy.

Christianity is a truth—a truth first heard at the beginning of time that has echoed to this present age. A truth so profound that no man can master it, yet even a child can learn it.

Jonathan Fisk introduces his readers to that truth. He lays it out as simply as a child counts to ten on his fingers. Yet, training to hear the Echo, the reader will come to understand the wisdom that Fisk imparts is bottomless.

Fisk teaches nothing less than the distilled, unbreakable Christian Echo, the very thing which has radically changed humanity in every nation and tongue that it has ever been repeated. It the most astoundingly complete description of what life is and why it is worth living. And it’s worth repeating. Again.

A People Robbed of Their Life and Land: Iraqi Christians in Exile – Interview with Juliana Taimoorazy Ep. 21

No people group on earth has lived in their homeland quite as long as the Assyrians of northern Iraq. This small tribe has suffered millennia of persecution, but for the entire church age have embraced Jesus Christ as their Lord.

But today, through the actions of Islamic purists running amok, the Assyrians are barely hanging onto their lives and land. Many have fled to other countries, and many have died.

In this rich interview with Juliana Taimoorazy, herself an Assyrian Christian from Iran, we learn about the outlook for this forgotten people. Indeed, Juliana’s life work is to make the Assyrian people unforgettable.

Will you please take some time to learn who they are, and what they face? Begin with this episode of the Citizen of New Jerusalem, but also go to the website of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, of which Juliana is founder and president. From there also see the Philos Project, (to which Juliana is a Senior Fellow)–an outreach to Westerners to educate and encourage us in positive engagement with the Middle East.

This interview was a great privilege to conduct, and I hope you take its lessons with you as you think, pray, and act to show love to Christians under the heavy burden of persecution and displacement.

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My Great Big Claim! Ep. 4

In this episode Adam makes his central belief as clear as possible. If he is right, then absolutely everything depends on this. If wrong, then LOL nothing matters.

Challenge yourself, stretch your thinking with this episode. If God has spoken, is there any higher form of authority in existence?

It’s this foundation of truth and knowledge on which Adam will build all of his other episodes.

Thanks for listening!