Debunking some Reformation Myths & More with Dr R Scott Clark Ep. 36

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The Reformation is such a complex series of events, myths and errors are bound to crop up around its memory. In this laid back conversation with R Scott Clark, professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, we get the details on some of what really went down all those centuries ago, and how the consequences have followed us to this day.

Please get more carefully acquainted with this wonderful pastor and theologian, and visit his website at your first chance. You can find him on Twitter here.

For more information on the new documentary Calvinist, click here.

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Romans 9: Sovereignty of God or Free Will of Man? Ep. 24

Today we switch gears from a normal Citizen episode. We present to you Adam’s recent publicly moderated debate with a free-will (Arminian-type) Independent Fundamentalist Baptist concerning the doctrine of salvation. Adam took the sovereignty of God position, and Linden Overhiser, free will. The debate topic was dueling exegesis of Romans 9.

Theology always underlies everything we do on this show, and theology must be straight by the rule of Scripture. Your feedback is welcomed. Thanks for listening.

The debate audio is just under two hours.

Below are the time stamps for the segments of the debate.

•9:42 Linden (Free Will) Opening exegesis

•30:10 Adam (Sovereignty) Opening exegesis

•1:00:00 Moderator’s break

•1:01:35 Adam’s rebuttal

•1:11:16 Linden’s rebuttal

•1:20:11 Adam cross examines Linden

•1:27:17 Linden cross examines Adam

•1:34:27 Adam’s closing statement

•1:44:08 Linden’s closing statement

•1:50:12 Audience Q&A

•2:12:33 Moderator’s closing

Worldview from Geneva: How Old School Presbys See Things Ep. 23

This show is all about going around the world of ideas. Today our stop is Geneva, Switzerland, where we find two chatty Presbyterians sitting back at the local milk bar, straightening out the world by the rulers of Scripture and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Come along! My guests Chortles Weakly and Wresbyterian host the Presbycast, a podcast focused on whip-cracking the hides of liberals and pretenders of the Reformed faith. There will be no newfangled attempts at a church service or social justice machine here–they just want the straight up best, most biblical local churches to flourish around the world–Presbyterian churches.

Mentioned in the show:

My post on Charles Finney

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