Reconnect with What’s Near

We have lost our neighbors and gained the world.

We have lost ourselves and become splintered avatars.

It is long past time to put the pieces of our humanity back together.

The future depends on it.

One Reply to “Reconnect with What’s Near”

  1. I always sensed that computers in our homes were going to hinder our ability to enjoy face to face interactions with other human beings… video games, cell phones, social media…all encouraging, almost demanding self centered isolation where we live in our heads. It’s been painful to watch the disintegration of childhood as I remember it when kids were home with mom & siblings & we played outside & used our imaginations to have fun. Now kids are inside watching screens, many barely communicating with parents or siblings or friends… life can get lonely when we prefer electronic relationships to the real thing. God help us. We need each other to encourage & love & be real with us. We also need to remember that we’re just passing through as sojourners, pilgrims longing for our true home. Oh Lord help us to point others to You! To make Your name glorious! To remind ourselves that our best life isn’t “now”. Help us, by your Holy Spirit, to love whoever you put in our path- to be real

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