Too Much Comfort Kills You Ep. 15

This was a true stream of consciousness recording – when I spoke that first line or two, I had no idea where I would go. Everything you hear here was unscripted and raw stuff.

Suffering produces steadfastness. Suffering produces more virtuous people. What are you doing with your suffering? Are you trying to avoid it at all costs? Are you trying to pretend it’s not there? There is a better way to live with suffering, and even to pursue more of it. Yeah, I know… crazy. But listen in and think with me.

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My Secret to Fearless Truth Telling: Listener Q&A Ep. 14

As for me, there’s one simple issue at stake when it comes to being bold and fearless: people’s lives and eternal destiny are at stake. In this episode I answer a listener question and bring in discussions of gay Christianity and racial justice.

Yep, I went for the hot buttons.

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Dissident from Denmark: Interview with Iben Thranholm Ep. 13

Not every dissident lives in a total police state. The dissent of Danish journalist Iben Thranholm is a socio-spiritual critique of secularity in the European Union. Her work centers on calling for a revival of Western civilization through a return to the traditional Christian worldview.

Although she writes and speaks as nothing more threatening that a traditional Roman Catholic intellectual, she has found out that the EU’s East Stratcom group has listed her as an enemy of the EuroState. Listen in to our rich conversation surrounding the spiritual battle taking place for the soul of Western culture and spirituality.

Iben can be found on Facebook if you read Danish, Twitter here, and various outlets around the web where she publishes, or in many places appears on video interview.

Atheism: Listener Q&A Ep. 12

A listener asked,

What are your thoughts on great scientific minds like Dawkins, Krauss, Singer etc. on their scientific opinion that there is no God?

What about the atheist’s scientific opinion that there is no God? Should Christians learn complex forms of apologetics to answer such a claim? Tune in for Adam’s answer.

Will you do one or all of these three important parts of supporting the show?

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  • Adam

The Rapture, Sola Scriptura & More Listener Q&A Ep. 11

Our first listener question and answer episode! Adam goes into a little bit more depth about the purpose of this podcast, then answers questions on the end times, sola scriptura, and what he’s been reading lately.

Thanks to Erik Fuhler,  Allen Jerkins, and Dave Mitchell for the questions. And yes, I said 2 Thessalonians when I meant 1 Thess ?

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End Times & Judgment Day: A Conversation with Ben Askins Ep. 10

What happens on Judgment Day? Do our works play a role in how we are rewarded, and in our experience with eternal life? What do the end times look like, and will we see Christ return?

Ben Askins joins Adam for a brief but fruitful discussion on these weighty ideas. The two of them were trained up together under a tremendously gifted pastor some years back, and Adam wanted to check in with Ben to make sure he was continuing on the straight and narrow 😉

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My Life Story Ep. 9

Sometimes I tell my life story. One of my listeners (Allen Jerkins) asked, “Adam . . . I would be interested to hear how Christ arrested you.” So here you will get a bit of it–a history of my spiritual development. Though I don’t love the idea of making this show about the host, it really is a show about my views–I am the citizen of New Jerusalem after all!

So perhaps this will be interesting to you. I skip a lot of details, but I land on the most important thing I could possibly say about my life.

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Returning to the Ways of the Past: A Conversation with Dean Abbott Ep. 8

What does it mean to be a traditionalist? In this conversation with Dean Abbott, Adam brings a variety of urgent topics to the surface. Has evangelical church culture been feminized? Why are young men so hard to get into church?

And what about the alt-right? Should we be disheartened by the rise of these dissidents? What drives their antics? Are there Nazis hiding under your bed? And what about the Christian perspective on immigration? Dean and Adam take a shot at each of these topics, and more.

Dean is a man’s man–a husband and father, (as well as a fellow fan of Wendell Berry), he cares most about the life of the family, community, and those who work hard to build a working civilization. You can also find his recent conversation with Mark Baxter here.

Dean’s website is, and you can find him on Twitter here. Thanks to him for an invigorating conversation.

The Truth about America’s Role in Syria: An Interview with Kevork Almassian Ep. 7

What is America’s role in Syria’s 6-year-old civil war? Who are the moderate rebels that our government is funding? Who has been using poison gas bombs in Syria? Was Trump right to strike the Syrian government with tomahawk missiles earlier this month?

Many evangelical Christians in the United States get their information about our Middle-Eastern involvements solely from main-stream sources–the same main-stream media that we otherwise do not trust to report accurate and honest news within our own nation.

One example of this is Dr. Albert Mohler of The Briefing podcast. On his April 25, 2017 episode, Mohler recited news about Syria from corporate media sources which all support the US government’s agenda in the Middle East. No comment was given to the credibility of the sources, rather, Mohler showed limitless credulity toward the media narrative. This man is an intellectual heavyweight who runs a large, successful seminary, but typical of American evangelical thinking, he gives full, unquestioning credence to the progressivist, globalist media who regularly lies and twists the truth in every other area of reporting.

Can Christians do better than this? Is our government-media complex to be trusted whenever there is an urgent development in the world? This show ought to at least give us pause to consider another possibility.

Kevork Almassian joins Adam for an in-depth interview from the perspective of a Syrian born and raised in Aleppo.

Kevork is a Syrian political journalist based in Germany. He holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, and is currently learning German to continue his MA in Political Science. He writes op-ed articles for several websites and newspapers, and he recently launched a YouTube channel called Syriana Analysis to give a close-up perspective of what’s happening in Syria. You can find him on Twitter here.

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Encroaching Globalism: An Interview with Dr. Michael Kinsella Ep. 6

The new world of globalism is closing in on everyone. It’s tentacles are particularly odious to those who wish to live traditional lives. What are we facing in regard to current clashes of culture and worldview? Is there hope to understand and overcome the enemies of the Christian traditions of the Western world?

Michael Kinsella, PhD joins me to discuss the various challenges we face on either side of the Atlantic. We talk economics, church life, the survival of the family, and beyond.

Michael teaches ethics in University College Dublin and is Director of Research at Aid to the Church in Need Ireland. You can see his academic profile at