What Happens in Baptism? Ep. 44


Is baptism our step of obedience to show our identification with Christ? Yes. Is baptism a means of saving grace? Yes.

Lucia from Germany asked Adam several questions in response to this post here. If the Church catholic is to be healthy and unified in truth, we’ll have to figure out this question together, and rejoice in the answer! Adam has been working out the baptism question for the better part of a decade, and talks through some of the issues in this episode.

Here is the document Adam used during the episode: Baptism_Chris_Rosebrough

Here is the Letter of Barnabas, chapter XI (74AD)

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Despair and Hope Ep. 43


The vortex of bad news and chaos in our culture threatens to drive us to despair. I don’t know many people who are both deeply engaged and also truly joyful and triumphant at heart.

I, for one, refuse to despair, ultimately. I am facing a culmination of years of spiritual development, reaching something of a crisis time, but I look forward with hope.

Do you? How do you find the energy to work for the good in the world? Check out this unscripted monologue where Adam looks to raise some encouragement out of a mass of chaos.

Here’s the blog where I’m writing about my spiritual journey.

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The West is Doomed… for now – A Peter Hitchens lecture Ep. 42

Peter Hitchens

World War I was the end of Christian Europe, and we have been watching her slow demise ever since. In his eulogy for Europe and the West, Peter Hitchens lays out the causes of death and the dim future.

This is what it sounds like to have a realistic, fatherly love for the West. We cannot paint a rosy picture of a future we have created by our own demotic lust. And yes, I said demotic. Look it up if you don’t know what that means.

Now, I’m not going to say I agree with Mr. Hitchens point for point. The idea here is to hear the eloquent diagnosis of a dying civilization.

Here is the video of this lecture.

Here is the video of the Q&A afterward. One of my past guests asked the first question. See if you can figure out who it was.

All the best, and for the West,


Grace & Works: A Chat w/ Shane Anderson Ep. 41

Reformed Theology

Adam interviews Presbyterian ruling elder Shane Anderson on the subject of grace and works in the Christian life. A proper Reformed family kerfluffle has roiled the ranks over the past four months concerning the role our works play in our relationship with God.

On this episode, Shane and Adam attempt to iron out a few of the biblical details, and to set straight some of the misunderstandings that are keeping brothers and sisters on separate sides of this battle.

Adam truly does not believe we are all saying different things. We are justified once for all by grace alone, through faith alone, which is a gift of the sovereign, electing love and favor of God alone. There is no more condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Our standing with our Father in heaven is fully secure in Christ, by Christ, and because of Christ alone.

And because of this gratuitous justification, we are also sanctified by grace alone through faith alone, and yet, in the mystery of God’s will at work in ours, we live lives of pursuing holiness when we have the Holy Spirit. There is no other kind of Christian life than to be doing good works in faith. These works do not justify us before God, but by these works we will be judged and rewarded. In this sense, good works are necessary for our completed, final salvation.

That… is Reformed orthodoxy, and therefore, biblical orthodoxy, my dear friends.

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Fundamentalism: A Friendl(ier) Critique Ep. 40.5


Following up on Episode 40, Adam here presents another, more careful look at fundamentalism in America.

Which form of Christianity will be the foundation of a good civilization in the future? Fundamentalism has a lot going for it, but what are it’s main weaknesses? Last week Pastor Matt Fletcher joined Adam to give a personal perspective on the movement, but this week we bring you a session recording of Phil Johnson  from Grace to You ministries. (Obviously Phil was not a guest of CoNJP, which is why this one doesn’t have a full episode number of its own).

This episode should fill in some more information that perhaps Matt and Adam didn’t cover last episode, especially concerning the stated goals of fundamentalism, in general.

For a little bonus, you can listen to Dr. James White here characterizing the fundamentalist mindset. Dr. White is one of the leading voices in Christian apologetics in the world, and so his perspective here may add dimension to the issue. The clip lasts for a short while.

Thanks for listening.

Fundamentalism: Not So Great Ep. 40


In this episode, Pastor Matt Fletcher joins Adam to talk through an overview of independent, Bible Baptist fundamentalism. What might seem to offer concrete answers and certainty turns out to be a weak, gospel-poor, recent movement.

We think you will agree after hearing this show–fundamentalism is not accomplishing the goals with which it began 120 years ago, but has in many cases become a sect on the verge of cult status. Is the movement redeemable?

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Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: Fulfilling Prophecy, or…? Ep. 39

jerusalem trump

President Trump last week announced the US would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that the State Department would be directed to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

The prophecy wing of the evangelical family has predictably jumped up to declare this a sign of the approaching end of the world, but is it that simple? Are these types of events to be interpreted as fulfilling biblical prophecy?

Listen in to what Adam thinks, in line with the Reformed and Lutheran view of history and prophecy.


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Update on the Show

Hello dear friends, this is Adam Kane your host—I’ve got a personal update to share with you. I have been producing this podcast since March of this year, and have published nearly 40 episodes. I’ve covered a wide array of topics, always in an attempt to relate all things to Christian worldview thinking, and to the betterment of Western civilization.

Because of the nature of this show, I do not attract a large audience, though those of you who listen are a dedicated and kind following—I have greatly enjoyed your feedback and participation, whether you contacted me to encourage me, to agree, to ask a question, or to disagree—it has been a privilege and a pleasure to be your host.

Now, I’m not announcing the end of this show, but I am needing to pull back on my production schedule. My first child has just been born, and I have been working six different jobs to support our household. Because this podcast only draws about half or less of the financial support of what I would need in order to justify the time and energy I spend on it, I will be cutting back production to about half of what I have been doing. Hopefully this new arrangement will be a workable solution for my wife and I as we transition to parenthood.

I have already cut back on my use of Twitter, and am cutting out several other elements of my normal daily life which cannot be justified with my limited energy and time. I hope you will understand why I have to do this, and if you are a financial supporter of the show, will remain on board with me through this season.

If in the future I am able to produce more quality, attractive, informative, engaging material on this podcast, perhaps I will also be able to attract enough financial support to return to being a weekly show.

For now, I will be on hiatus throughout November in order to give as much time as possible to the needs of my family.

To all of you who have supported and participated in this podcast, thank you. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. May Christ bless you with His graces.

Adam Kane

Not Saved through Faith Alone? Time to Get out the Torches? Ep. 38

saved through faith alone

Are we or are we not saved through faith alone?

The Desiring God website published an article earlier this week using a tweet saying “You’re not saved through faith alone. Be killing your sin.” For Desiring God (the ministry of John Piper) to put out a title like that in the month of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is to have dropped a match in gasoline.

For this episode, we welcome Pastor Matthew Fletcher of Webster Bible Church, Adam’s own pastor. This in-studio discussion was our attempt to fairly and charitably represent the best of both sides in this debate, and to search the Scriptures for keys to understanding what it all means.

To everyone else, we in the Reformed world probably look like hair-splitting lunatics as we debate this vital doctrine. But to those of us who know that Western civilization depends on a healthy, vibrant Reformation Church, questions of soteriology are nothing to ignore or brush aside.

The issue of how we are saved is the heart and soul of the Reformation, both 500 years ago, and today. If we lose the Reformation distinctives of the 5 Solas, we lose the whole gospel from the churches…

So these things are indescribably important. Tune in!

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