A Little Something for You and Some Comments on Rome’s Latest Scandals (Mini Ep)

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Hey friends and fellow citizens of the New Jerusalem, Adam here. I hope you’ve been enjoying the first 50 episodes of the show. I have worked hard to keep the podcast producing content, even on an interim basis while I get used to life as a new father.

To my regular subscribers and financial supporters, you are awesome – thank you for being here with me. I know the CoNJP is not the world’s most profound, I know there are many people out there doing bigger and better things, but for the couple tens of thousands of listens this show has earned, Christ has been lifted up in those ears and hearts, truth has been proclaimed, Western Civilization celebrated, and a variety of unique guests have been heard.

I have every intention of continuing to produce this show, at least until I absolutely cannot, or until I don’t receive enough financial support to pay the minimum bills for its existence.

SO! For today I want to offer 7 of you, first come first serve, a new copy of Jonathan Fisk’s Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again. Listen to this very short mini episode for details, and if you haven’t yet, go back and listen to episode 48, my interview with Jonathan on the new book.


I also drop some brief comments on the Roman Catholic sex scandals opening up lately.

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How NOT to Defend the Faith! Ep 49

defend the faith

There are many ways people try to defend the Christian faith. You will hear one on this episode that should never be used. Today Adam responds to a recent conference session at the 2018 Issues, Etc. Making the Case conference.

The speaker in this session was Craig Parton, who teaches the audience that we should not make a defense of the Christian faith beginning with the authority of Scripture.

We beg to differ.

While much of what Mr. Parton says is excellent, his underlying foundation for apologetics is fatally flawed.

Listen in, think with us, and respond here with your thoughts.

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Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in the truth (including brother Craig Parton!)

The original conference audio is here.

Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again w/ Jonathan Fisk Ep. 48


Pastor Jonathan Fisk’s new book Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again has hit the market, and you need a copy. Fisk has seen the glazed-over eyes of one too many Christians as the truths we hold dear are repeated week in and week out.

This book will act as an electrical shock to your fading Christian heartbeat, or if you are on fire for the Lord, this will be a shot of high-octane gas on your flames. Whatever your place in the Church, you can use a reminder, a wake-up call, no… a call to worship like Echo.

Join Adam and Jonathan for a little theology pick-me-up.

From Concordia Publishing House’s website:

Christianity is not the ability to memorize or recite from books of Scripture or doctrine. It is not magic. It is not social club, counseling group, or self-help support group. It does not promise that you will be healthy, wealthy, wise, or even happy.

Christianity is a truth—a truth first heard at the beginning of time that has echoed to this present age. A truth so profound that no man can master it, yet even a child can learn it.

Jonathan Fisk introduces his readers to that truth. He lays it out as simply as a child counts to ten on his fingers. Yet, training to hear the Echo, the reader will come to understand the wisdom that Fisk imparts is bottomless.

Fisk teaches nothing less than the distilled, unbreakable Christian Echo, the very thing which has radically changed humanity in every nation and tongue that it has ever been repeated. It the most astoundingly complete description of what life is and why it is worth living. And it’s worth repeating. Again.

What is Replacing Christianity in the West? Ep. 47


Paganism is replacing Christianity in the Western world. But it’s not one simple brand: we face an onslaught from many directions.

With the Church on the decline in all its forms, and with people looking everywhere else for answers, very old forms of thinking and worship are making new inroads where Christendom once stood firm.

Politics, education, media, government, religion–whatever institutions we count on to be there, functioning for our benefit–Paganism is making a resurgence in all of them.

It sickens me. This episode features a session by Peter Jones at the 2010 Ligonier Conference (yes, I was way off on the year in the episode), called “The Gnostic Gospel.” Here Jones lays the gauntlet for Christians who are tempted to compromise with Pagan ideas. You may be surprised by some of what Jones puts his finger on–it may hit close to home for some of us.

The video is here.

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Ireland Surrenders to the Eugenic Globo-Fascists Ep. 46

Ireland 8th amendment

Yesterday the Irish voters rejected the 8th amendment to their Constitution, paving the way for legalized abortion in the tiny island nation. The Roman Catholic Church has been supplanted by the eugenic globo-fascist bureaucracy in yet another once-staunchly Christian country.

This episode is a bit of a rambling look at some of the background to what is happening in the West regarding the sanctity of human life. Hear about George Soros, Julian Huxley, Brave New World, Karl Marx, and a few other points of reference for what is making our world so anti-life and pro-eugenic.

The book UNESCO: It’s Purpose and Philosophy by Julian Huxley

Live Action’s update on Ireland’s rejection of the 8th amendment

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For whom is Baptism? Ep. 45


A real sloppy show this time, but hey! You got a show!

In the last show, Adam tackled the question of what happens in baptism. Using Scripture and Church history, we saw that there is a consensus that there is real activity on God’s part in baptism–something more is happening than just a human step of obedience. However else we define that, we need to begin there.

And on today’s show, we examine, albeit not in great detail, the Reformed answer to the question For whom is baptism? A minor presentation of the defense of infant baptism, this episode will hopefully draw thinking Christians together, rather than to cast apart. Adam maintains that the Bible may be interpreted either toward a credo or a paedo view of baptism; both are strong in Scripture depending on other hermeneutical assumptions. At the very least, we seek to offer the doctrine of baptism as a hope to a dying world. Baptism includes people in the Church of Christ Jesus, where He does His saving work, and so to offer it to a dying world, indeed to a dying Western civilization, is a step in the right direction.

Let’s talk biblical baptism!

Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in truth.

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A recent post at the blog concerning the Reformed doctrine of a sacrament.

Ligonier ministries: Infant Baptism

Here’s the blog where I’m writing about my spiritual journey.

What Happens in Baptism? Ep. 44


Is baptism our step of obedience to show our identification with Christ? Yes. Is baptism a means of saving grace? Yes.

Lucia from Germany asked Adam several questions in response to this post here. If the Church catholic is to be healthy and unified in truth, we’ll have to figure out this question together, and rejoice in the answer! Adam has been working out the baptism question for the better part of a decade, and talks through some of the issues in this episode.

Here is the document Adam used during the episode: Baptism_Chris_Rosebrough

Here is the Letter of Barnabas, chapter XI (74AD)

Click here for Adam’s spiritual autobiography.

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Despair and Hope Ep. 43


The vortex of bad news and chaos in our culture threatens to drive us to despair. I don’t know many people who are both deeply engaged and also truly joyful and triumphant at heart.

I, for one, refuse to despair, ultimately. I am facing a culmination of years of spiritual development, reaching something of a crisis time, but I look forward with hope.

Do you? How do you find the energy to work for the good in the world? Check out this unscripted monologue where Adam looks to raise some encouragement out of a mass of chaos.

Here’s the blog where I’m writing about my spiritual journey.

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The West is Doomed… for now – A Peter Hitchens lecture Ep. 42

Peter Hitchens

World War I was the end of Christian Europe, and we have been watching her slow demise ever since. In his eulogy for Europe and the West, Peter Hitchens lays out the causes of death and the dim future.

This is what it sounds like to have a realistic, fatherly love for the West. We cannot paint a rosy picture of a future we have created by our own demotic lust. And yes, I said demotic. Look it up if you don’t know what that means.

Now, I’m not going to say I agree with Mr. Hitchens point for point. The idea here is to hear the eloquent diagnosis of a dying civilization.

Here is the video of this lecture.

Here is the video of the Q&A afterward. One of my past guests asked the first question. See if you can figure out who it was.

All the best, and for the West,