It’s Good to be a Man w/ Michael Foster

Good to be a man

Adam welcomes Michael Foster of the It’s Good to be a Man podcast, a new project aimed at equipping Christian men with clarity and confidence in our masculinity. You won’t regret listening to this one.

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The Big Gay Hate Hoax and Other Media Fever

hate hoax jussie


This episode was previously published on February 20th at the normal podcast channels, and I never had a moment to update it here on my website.


In the past several weeks, the mass media/celebrity complex has produced at least three major rage hoaxes, culminating with the big gay hate hoax featuring Jussie Smollett.

Well, our minds are being programmed to react to these fomented “stories,” and to fall into rank with our side of the left/right paradigm. The news cycle has become a mentally violent, click-hunting charade of psychological warfare, and I don’t think the right thing is to try to avoid it. Listen to this bit of commentary from Adam, and send your feedback on Twitter, or at the website here.

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The True Face of Progressivism Unmasked Ep. 54

progressivism unmasked

In this episode, we hear a powerful preacher absolutely unmask the elite progressive worldview. That’s all I will say about it.

Push back against the ever-present culture by establishing rituals and habits in your own life, which engender goodness, self-control, and order.

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Mocking the Devil’s Weak Counterfeit Western Civilization Ep. 53

mock the devil

Western civilization in its current form is a weak counterfeit of its former self. In the past, Christ was recognized as King and lawgiver over our societies, but today we’ve enthroned our genitals in His place.

Listen in to this chuckling romp of a conversation between Adam and Michael Kinsella, the head of the Irish section for reviving Western civilization (I say with tongue in and then out of cheek).

Forget all of this and just listen to the episode. Two friends blow holes in the fabric of lies that are wrapping our world in a thick shroud. The devil hates laughter, and he hates to be mocked. He’ll hate this episode.

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The Roman Catholic Sex Scandals and her Authority Claims, with Steven Wedgeworth Ep. 52

Roman Catholic Church and Sex Scandals

The Roman Catholic Church continues to burn hot and tall in front of the watching world. There is a civil war within her between the progressives, who are oddly and grotesquely defending homosexual and pederast priests, seemingly out of a desire to not cede ground to traditionalists. The trads are fighting to return the Church to her roots, foundational traditions and morals.

And we Calvinists and other outsiders look on with wonder. We look on with horror and hope, thinking perhaps some of the chaos will be eye opening to the faithful. Maybe, perhaps, perchance the Lord our God is at work to call His people out of the unclean thing, and to be separate. Not separate from the Church, but repenting from attachment and dependence upon a decayed shell of what the medieval Church used to be before the renewal of the Reformation.

Am I being too bold and perhaps rude? Only if souls aren’t at stake. Listen in, you be the judge, and tell me your feedback here.

Grace and peace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in truth.

  • Adam

How I See the Roman Catholic Church and Its Sex Scandals Ep. 51

Roman Catholic Church scandal

The Roman Catholic Church and its sex scandals. What a heading, huh? As of this writing, the RCC is embroiled in a new round of worldwide sex scandals in its priesthood. The institutional hierarchy of the RCC is being implicated from bottom to top in a long series of crimes and sins that threaten the faith and very survival of the visible witness to the resurrection of Christ. I stand by that assessment.

In this episode, I give my long view of the RCC from my own experience, trying to clearly lay out the confusions I have in trying to nail down what its claims are, and then how these scandals bear upon those claims.

I invite all sincere RCs to respond to this episode here or on Twitter. Your voice is needed at this time – what do you think, and what should we all think? Western civilization is burning, and the biggest, most visible form of Christianity has a full-blown house fire in the middle of it all.

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Grace and peace to all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in truth,


A Little Something for You and Some Comments on Rome’s Latest Scandals (Mini Ep)

Citizen of New Jerusalem

Hey friends and fellow citizens of the New Jerusalem, Adam here. I hope you’ve been enjoying the first 50 episodes of the show. I have worked hard to keep the podcast producing content, even on an interim basis while I get used to life as a new father.

To my regular subscribers and financial supporters, you are awesome – thank you for being here with me. I know the CoNJP is not the world’s most profound, I know there are many people out there doing bigger and better things, but for the couple tens of thousands of listens this show has earned, Christ has been lifted up in those ears and hearts, truth has been proclaimed, Western Civilization celebrated, and a variety of unique guests have been heard.

I have every intention of continuing to produce this show, at least until I absolutely cannot, or until I don’t receive enough financial support to pay the minimum bills for its existence.

SO! For today I want to offer 7 of you, first come first serve, a new copy of Jonathan Fisk’s Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again. Listen to this very short mini episode for details, and if you haven’t yet, go back and listen to episode 48, my interview with Jonathan on the new book.


I also drop some brief comments on the Roman Catholic sex scandals opening up lately.

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How NOT to Defend the Faith! Ep 49

defend the faith

There are many ways people try to defend the Christian faith. You will hear one on this episode that should never be used. Today Adam responds to a recent conference session at the 2018 Issues, Etc. Making the Case conference.

The speaker in this session was Craig Parton, who teaches the audience that we should not make a defense of the Christian faith beginning with the authority of Scripture.

We beg to differ.

While much of what Mr. Parton says is excellent, his underlying foundation for apologetics is fatally flawed.

Listen in, think with us, and respond here with your thoughts.

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Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in the truth (including brother Craig Parton!)

The original conference audio is here.

Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again w/ Jonathan Fisk Ep. 48


Pastor Jonathan Fisk’s new book Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating Again has hit the market, and you need a copy. Fisk has seen the glazed-over eyes of one too many Christians as the truths we hold dear are repeated week in and week out.

This book will act as an electrical shock to your fading Christian heartbeat, or if you are on fire for the Lord, this will be a shot of high-octane gas on your flames. Whatever your place in the Church, you can use a reminder, a wake-up call, no… a call to worship like Echo.

Join Adam and Jonathan for a little theology pick-me-up.

From Concordia Publishing House’s website:

Christianity is not the ability to memorize or recite from books of Scripture or doctrine. It is not magic. It is not social club, counseling group, or self-help support group. It does not promise that you will be healthy, wealthy, wise, or even happy.

Christianity is a truth—a truth first heard at the beginning of time that has echoed to this present age. A truth so profound that no man can master it, yet even a child can learn it.

Jonathan Fisk introduces his readers to that truth. He lays it out as simply as a child counts to ten on his fingers. Yet, training to hear the Echo, the reader will come to understand the wisdom that Fisk imparts is bottomless.

Fisk teaches nothing less than the distilled, unbreakable Christian Echo, the very thing which has radically changed humanity in every nation and tongue that it has ever been repeated. It the most astoundingly complete description of what life is and why it is worth living. And it’s worth repeating. Again.