How I See the Roman Catholic Church and Its Sex Scandals Ep. 51

The Roman Catholic Church and its sex scandals. What a heading, huh? As of this writing, the RCC is embroiled in a new round of worldwide sex scandals in its priesthood. The institutional hierarchy of the RCC is being implicated from bottom to top in a long series of crimes and sins that threaten the faith and very survival of the visible witness to the resurrection of Christ. I stand by that assessment.

In this episode, I give my long view of the RCC from my own experience, trying to clearly lay out the confusions I have in trying to nail down what its claims are, and then how these scandals bear upon those claims.

I invite all sincere RCs to respond to this episode here or on Twitter. Your voice is needed at this time – what do you think, and what should we all think? Western civilization is burning, and the biggest, most visible form of Christianity has a full-blown house fire in the middle of it all.

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Grace and peace to all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in truth,


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  1. I have many opportunities to discuss scripture with catholic old friends. In my generation there is so much Mary worship that it is difficult to get past this belief. Occasionally there have been one or two that are willing to read their bibles and believe the truth of the scripture but in one case it was because this gentlemen could identify some of the hypocrisy in the church wanted answers. Unlike those that you may encounter that are steeped in Catholic doctrine the average lifetime catholic has little foundation in what their church believes as you stated in this podcast. There are numerous hurdles in discussing the truth of the gospel with catholics and I have learned to be gentler in my approach . Much to consider here since it is difficult for me to reconcile much of the damage that I have seen coming out of this church. Mainly I notice how it is an easy step into occultism because of some of the practices. Thanks and God bless

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