Cough Up the Black Pill (Again)

You and I have that black pill on our tongues every day. Some days we get it halfway down our throats. Spit it out.

We have work to do; we don’t have time for self-indulgent griping and complaining about the world of Babylon caving in around us.

Yes, Notre Dame burned down pretty badly. But the Church still stands… though we too are burning down. What is the Church, and what is our role?

This episode is a bit of a stream of consciousness leading to a new series on Christian action in this fallen age. Take a mental walk with Adam through these thoughts, and pardon the slurred speech, it was a late recording.

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2 Replies to “Cough Up the Black Pill (Again)”

  1. How easily we, as Christians can slip into complacency. How easily we can peek at the decaying moral fabric of society and say, we’ll be ok…“We win! I read the end of the Book and we win!”
    This podcast reminded me, once again that my life is not about me. It’s not about me living the last, maybe 20 years of my life only thinking I’ll be out of here soon… What about a legacy that’s to be left for my children and my grandchildren? What am I building that will carry through for generations? Thank you for the reminder that we aren’t here to simply “get by” but to be salt & light- to build up, to pray, to encourage & to serve…today, for tomorrow!

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