Choose Your Fighter: Chinese Coronavirus or Mighty Babylon

In one corner, a vast, decentralized network of Wuhan’s finest gobbler bugs that you can’t see, who just want to get to know your lungs a little more intimately and overwhelm your national healthcare system, and in the other, the overgrown Babylonian supertower ripe for a nice 10.0 earthquake of God’s wrath.

Are you ready for this fight?

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  1. Well my sweet brother in Christ you nailed it again. I have known this for over 35 years that there is treason in high places and that’s been going on for quite a while. Years ago there was a former general that talked like this and he was trying to warn people about what was going on but people laughed at him no one would listen So now here we are and my heart is heavy for you young people with children since it is much more difficult. Love you lots and praying for you guys and thank you for this wonderful message. Suzanne

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