A Dissident’s View of the Battlefield (w/ Auron MacIntyre)

What does it mean to be reactionary? Listen in as the two of us, who consider ourselves so to be, discuss recent political dynamics in the US and the West.

Auron MacIntyre is really good at political analysis. Check him out at all of his sites.

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Civilization Collapses but We Win (w/ Eighth Century Woodchipper)

boniface option

The dude I had on for this episode has a jolly laugh because he knows we win, even if we lose for a while. This was recorded in late January 2021 – it’s interesting to listen to now, and to compare what we said with what’s happened since.

We talk about some of the tough issues we’re dealing with. Retreat from the cities, politics, eschatology, and just a dash of bashing Big Eva.

The Biden regime, the left can’t meme, localism, survival in a collapsing Global American Empire, and a slew of other goodies from one of Reformed roughneck Twitter’s best commentators.

Come, listen, be blessed, and be renewed in your mindset. We are going to win in history, because Jesus wins in history. Don’t be too shaken by the whirlwind around us.

Pick up your axe, and aim for the sacred trees of the pagans.

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Read this Psalm and buck up.

Defending the Canadian Pastors from a Disgraceful Public Attack

Covid measures fight

Recently, a pastor in Rochester, NY posted a screed on Facebook accusing the brave Canadian pastors who stood against C-19 measures of “act[ing] foolishly.” The pastor who posted it is an older, experienced man who had been in ministry for many years, and was Adam’s pastor for nearly six years.

The words he used were inexcusable, his charge utterly rancorous, and the implications end up being that men like James Coates and Artur Pawlowski have not been faithful to their duties. These men have stood up in the face of impending tyranny, which since Pastor Ferguson’s Facebook post has only become more obvious and brazen.

I will not go into a detailed defense or history of what has gone on in Alberta and throughout Canada, or how these men have bravely decided to refuse compliance. I will rather focus on this screed on Facebook, and the man I know, who sadly wrote it.

Let his calloused cruelty to his brothers be a warning to all of us: great learning and experience in ministry is no guarantee of sound judgment, even late in life. We are all susceptible to launching attacks for our own justification, which is what I suspect happened here. Beware your own heart.


Defying the Sense of Doom


Doom is all around us. News stories, personal stories, churches dissolving, politics, conspiracies: there are 10,000 reasons a day to give in to a sense of doom. Why wouldn’t we?

Have a listen to Adam’s first episode since the five-month hiatus began last January. Be encouraged to fight, to pray, to believe that the future will be bright.

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Blessings in Christ,


Joy is the Fuel of Resistance

Borg resistance

If you’ve never seen the several modern Star Trek series from the ’80s and ’90s, look up “the Borg” and then read the rest of this. Their famous line is “we are Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.” Even though the producers and writers of ST are well-known progressives and atheists, they told the truth about themselves and their empty worldview. The Borg are the incarnation of the spirit of the modern world. Powerful, assimilating every culture it contacts, creating a dull, gray sameness in every place it has colonized.

But it is the realm of mind and spirit where the real tragedy lands. Those who are assimilated (am I now talking about the Borg or modernistic progressivism?) lose their ability to think for themselves. A powerful hive collective mentality takes hold. The spirit of the individual is snuffed. The Borg receive cranial implants that regulate the individual’s thoughts. The progressive hive mind creates spiritual implants and slavery through the lures of satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness if we will simply identify with the collective, praise its glories, and submit to its ends.

And in this episode, Adam brings along a traveling companion to offer our resistance. It begins a little off key, but we straightened up and flew right. Hope you enjoy it and find something rich to remember.

Jolly Warriors on Mission: Scott Tungay Returns!

WARRIORS for civilization

What is the mission of the Christian man? Are we to simply focus on the teaching of Bible passages, work toward personal holiness, and go about doing works of charity? Or does the Bible direct and energize us toward a greater scope of mission, to include a drive toward influencing and creating culture?

And really, isn’t it both, in harmony?

Adam and Scott team up for a third interview, this time responding to a bit of criticism received after the last episode featuring Scott. The two men hope you are edified and challenged by this discussion, and welcome further questions and comments here.