Send in Questions for Show Topics!


Alright, the show is going to be back on the air with new content coming up here in December! I can hardly wait to get back to the microphone, and I want your questions for these upcoming shows.

Any questions are welcome pertaining to the revival of Western civilization, but I want to focus on Christianity, theology, and the Church for the time being. All hope of revival in our civilization rests on the Church remembering who she is, and in living according to the gospel of Christ Jesus.

So, send in your questions here on the Contact page, and I’ll be talking to you soon.

For the West,


Update on the Show

Hello dear friends, this is Adam Kane your host—I’ve got a personal update to share with you. I have been producing this podcast since March of this year, and have published nearly 40 episodes. I’ve covered a wide array of topics, always in an attempt to relate all things to Christian worldview thinking, and to the betterment of Western civilization.

Because of the nature of this show, I do not attract a large audience, though those of you who listen are a dedicated and kind following—I have greatly enjoyed your feedback and participation, whether you contacted me to encourage me, to agree, to ask a question, or to disagree—it has been a privilege and a pleasure to be your host.

Now, I’m not announcing the end of this show, but I am needing to pull back on my production schedule. My first child has just been born, and I have been working six different jobs to support our household. Because this podcast only draws about half or less of the financial support of what I would need in order to justify the time and energy I spend on it, I will be cutting back production to about half of what I have been doing. Hopefully this new arrangement will be a workable solution for my wife and I as we transition to parenthood.

I have already cut back on my use of Twitter, and am cutting out several other elements of my normal daily life which cannot be justified with my limited energy and time. I hope you will understand why I have to do this, and if you are a financial supporter of the show, will remain on board with me through this season.

If in the future I am able to produce more quality, attractive, informative, engaging material on this podcast, perhaps I will also be able to attract enough financial support to return to being a weekly show.

For now, I will be on hiatus throughout November in order to give as much time as possible to the needs of my family.

To all of you who have supported and participated in this podcast, thank you. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. May Christ bless you with His graces.

Adam Kane

My Great Big Claim! Ep. 4

In this episode Adam makes his central belief as clear as possible. If he is right, then absolutely everything depends on this. If wrong, then LOL nothing matters.

Challenge yourself, stretch your thinking with this episode. If God has spoken, is there any higher form of authority in existence?

It’s this foundation of truth and knowledge on which Adam will build all of his other episodes.

Thanks for listening!