But How Can You Be SURE? A Friendly Word for Roman Catholics

Christians are promised “the full assurance of understanding” in Christ, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

The Roman Catholic, however, is forced to deny full assurance of understanding, based on his embrace of an erroneous epistemology centered on the pope, rather than Christ.

When we ask the Roman Catholic “where is Christ speaking authoritatively,” he must answer uncertainly, for the Bible is an uncertain volume given his understanding of free will and revelation.

This is where the Reformed doctrine of grace and of revelation clarify and align with the teaching of the apostles, and where Roman Catholics are welcomed, enjoined, urged to inspect and correct the areas of misunderstanding that have accreted to their doctrine.

In love, respect, and brotherly spirit, here is Adam’s friendly word of challenge to his Roman Catholic brothers and sisters.

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