Against Dispensationalism

Last episode Adam attacked the weak foundation of Roman Catholicism, but today we go against dispensationalism. Why? Because not only is it a false doctrine, which detracts from God’s glory when preached as truth, but it undermines our mission and confidence in this world.

In fact, I hate dispensationalism. I love my brethren who hold to it, and I once did, but the false doctrine itself is a cancer. So let’s get to it.

If you disagree with me, you are welcome to come on the show to discuss, just contact me here or on twitter.

– Adam

2 Replies to “Against Dispensationalism”

  1. My understanding is that most of Israel today is a secularist nation and not interested in the rebuilding of the temple. Our political stance in this country is supporting their ability to remain protected from the attacks in the middle east. Are you speaking mainly of the Orthodox Jews who are being assisted by Christians in rebuilding the temple. I do understand the racial superiority of that group but my understanding is many of the Jews in Israel are not in sync with the Orthodox sects.

    1. Hi Suzanne – in regard to the rebuilding of the temple, dispensationalists see it as an inevitable future accomplishment, which will help bring about the end of history and the future millennial kingdom. So, although there isn’t a major Jewish movement to rebuild the temple, perhaps, the idea that any Christian would want that to happen is a blasphemy against Christ, and a blow against the Jews. They need Jesus, not another stone temple, no matter the reason why the Christian thinks the temple would be rebuilt, we should speak of such an idea as a huge theological problem.

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